Access upcoming meeting Agendas, along with archived meeting Minutes and Resolutions for all of CB8's Committees.

Full Board

The Full Board of CB8 meets monthly on the third Wednesday of each month, reviewing recommendations made by committees and voted on for final approval. Each meeting starts with public session, where constituents have 3 minutes to comment on issues coming to the board or express any issues or concerns effecting the community. Also at the Full Board meeting, reports are made by elected officials, the District Manager, and the Chair of CB8. Attending Full Board is an easy way to learn more about what is happening in the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island.

Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee is a committee of the entire board that reviews, amongst other items, all applications for changes in zoning. The Land Use Committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month and attendance at this meeting is mandatory. As noted, the Land Use Committee is a Committee of the whole and therefore also reviews the activities of other committees.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee has three major functions. First, the Committee reviews the Mayor's annual Executive Budget and makes recommendations for additions or modifications. Second, after holding public hearings, the Committee compiles a list of expense and capital priorities. These recommendations are then voted on by the full board and presented to city officials. Third, the Committee develops the Board's internal budget within the guidelines set by city officials.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee supports the Chairperson of CB8M in communicating the Board's activities to the outside world. It prepares a monthly Communications Committee report and produces and moderates “CB8 Speaks”, a monthly cable TV show that appears on public access TV (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) on Time Warner's Ch. 34 and in HD on Ch. 1993, RCN's Ch. 82, FiOS' Ch. 33, and online at All past episodes can be found at CB8Speaks page. The Committee also prepares, for the members of the Board, a monthly summary of new coverage of issues relevant to the Board's responsibilities and activities, and provides support for the board’s commitment to have a CB8M booth at the multi-block street fairs in the district.

Environment and Sanitation Committee

The Environment and Sanitation Committee reviews issues affecting the physical welfare of the citizens of the community such as concerns pertaining to the water supply infrastructure and the proposed marine transfer station at East 91st Street. This committee meets on an as needed basis.

Health, Seniors, and Social Services Committee

The HSSS Committee addresses issues affecting the physical and social well-being of our community’s residents and the institutions that serve them.

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee provides a forum where constituents can become familiar with issues such as rent control, senior housing and Mitchell-Lama housing.

Landmarks Committee

The Landmarks Committee of Community Board 8 reviews Certificate of Appropriateness applications, designations, and related matters for the individual landmarks and buildings within the six historic districts in the Board 8 area. This committee meets every month on the Monday before the Full Board meeting, unless otherwise noted.

Parks and Waterfront Committee

The Parks and Recreation Committee represents and promotes the interests of parks. The committee reviews all plans for restoration of area parks, assists park neighbors in securing funding for work and restorations, hears complaints regarding use and abuse of parks, works with police to aid security and raises the public's awareness of the importance of our parkland. The Parks and Recreation Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month.

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee works with government agencies, consumer advocate groups, local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) or as needed outside experts to inform educate and provide information to our community on disaster preparedness, public service best practices and personal safety. This committee meets on an as needed basis.

Roosevelt Island Committee

The Roosevelt Island Committee addresses issues facing Roosevelt Island such as the protective seawall on the island and land lease that is held by New York State. This committee meets on an as needed basis.

Rules & By-Laws Committee

The Rules and Bylaws Committee considers changes to Community Board 8's by-laws. Additionally, the committee deals with issues concerning procedures and member's actions and activities. The committee meets on an as needed basis.

Second Avenue Subway Task Force

The Second Avenue Subway Task Force provided a forum that brought together members of the community and representatives of the MTA and its subcontractors. We discussed issues raised by the construction of the new subway - from E. 96th Street to E. 63rd Street.

Small Business Committee

The Small Business Committee provides a forum for small business owners, advocates, and community members to discuss the issues and challenges facing small businesses in Community District 8.

Street Fairs Committee

The Street Fairs Committee reviews all multi-block fair applications in the Community Board 8 area to ascertain if they comply with the Board's guidelines. Public hearings are held and recommendations are made to approve or disapprove the applications. The Committee reviews single-block street fairs that presented previous problems or appear controversial. Other single block fairs are reviewed by the District Manager in conjunction with the Committee Chair.

Street Life Committee

The Street Life Committee of the Board reviews plans for sidewalk cafes and liquor license applications. The Board then makes recommendations to the Department of Consumer Affairs and the New York State Liquor Authority with regard to these applications. This committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee focuses on improving Community Board 8's technology infrastructure. The committee meets on an as needed basis.

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee reviews initiatives from the City and requests from the community regarding transportation issues such as parking regulations, sign changes, bus and subway issues and the need for traffic calming devices. Community Board 8 then makes its recommendations to the appropriate agency based on the Committee's resolutions. The Transportation Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

Vendor Committee

Vendor Committee deals with vendor related issues and complaints.

Veterans Committee

A new committee of CB8 focused on the 8,335 veterans that live in the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island, and on services within the neighborhood committed to the New York City veteran community.

Voting Reform Task Force

A new non partisan working group of CB8 focused on voting and election reform in New York City and New York State, focused on making all elections more accessible to voters.

Waterfront Committee

The Waterfront Committee of CB8 focused on the district’s waterfront along the East River in the Upper East Side and surrounding Roosevelt Island. This committee was merged with the Parks & Recreation Committee in 2018.

Youth, Education and Libraries Committee

The Youth, Education and Libraries Committee, consistent with the Community Board's advisory role, will explore issues that affect young people to the age of 21. The committee will review youth services, summer youth employment programs, early childhood education, school safety (with CB8's Public Safety Committee), Department of Education, higher education (CUNY/SUNY).Where appropriate, the Committee will issue recommendations to the relevant governing agencies, elected officials, organizations and host informational forums on particular Youth and Education issues affecting our District.

Zoning and Development Committee

The Zoning & Development Committee addresses issues related to zoning in Community Board 8.

Ad-Hoc Committees and Task Forces

Ad-Hoc Committees are committees of CB8 that meet as needed and have a mission specific to a particular project and initiative.

A Task Force is a sub committee of a standing committee that focuses on a particular topic area or specific item.