Congestion Pricing

The Congestion Pricing Task Force meets to discuss the Congestion Pricing Program. The Central Business District Tolling Program (Congestion Pricing), enacted in the 2019 New York State Budget Law, will result in all vehicles entering Manhattan south of 60th Street being assessed a toll when it goes into effect in late 2023. With the boundary of the toll zone currently bisecting Community District 8, there will be both anticipated and unanticipated impacts affecting residents and small businesses, including but not limited to matters related to parking, physical design of tolling infrastructure, and potential changes to traffic patterns and volumes near the boundary and specifically impacting stakeholders in the areas closest to the boundary.

The Congestion Pricing Task Force aims to address these potential issues by developing a series of policy recommendations to help inform elected officials, agencies involved in implementation such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority, and the Traffic Mobility Review Board that is charged with setting tolling policies. Our goal is to be proactive and provide recommendations before rules are drafted and final decisions made to ensure that CB8 constituent needs are voiced, and to work with other Community Boards.

Congestion Pricing Task Force Members

Alida Camp and Craig Lader, Co-Chairs
Michele Birnbaum
Lori Bores
Billy Freeland
Sharon-Pope Marshall
Valerie Mason

Staff Liaison

Kevin Wu

Current Agenda

    Archived Agendas, Minutes and Resolutions

    Community Updates

    • Information for the Third Traffic Mobility Review Board Meeting Scheduled for Monday, Oct. 2 is available here.
    • The New York City Council Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure conducted an oversight hearing on Congestion Pricing and the MTA's Fiscal Future on August 17, 2023, the information for which can be found here.
    • The Traffic Mobility Review Board (TMRB), the six-member panel that will issue a recommended tolling structure for the CBD Tolling Program, met on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. View a recording of the meeting, or see the presentation. Its second meeting was on Thursday, August 17, 2023. View a recording of the meeting, or see the presentation.
    • The MTA's July 12th Central Business District Tolling Program Stakeholder Briefing is available here.
    • Email to the MTA for construction questions, concerns, and issues: [email protected]
    • A link to the Central Business District Tolling Program Construction Bulletin 7/13/23-8/3/23 containing construction sites where poles will be installed beginning in the next couple of weeks is available here.