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Contact us if you need help with a broken street lamp, a pothole in the street, garbage pickup, a rowdy bar, or any other issues effecting you and the community by:

  • Use our "Get It Resolved form" on this page to report your complaint
  • Email the Board Office at [email protected]
  • Contacting the Board Office at (212) 758-4340 (during regular business hours)

The Community Board office can help resolve problems by acting as a liaison between you and the appropriate City agency. For example, contact us if you need help with:

  • A broken street lamp
  • A pothole in the street
  • A rowdy bar
  • Illegal sidewalk cafes
  • Building without permits
  • Garbage pickup

These are just a few examples. If the Board office cannot help with a particular problem, we will refer you to an agency or organization that can assist you.

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