Vendors Committee

The Vendor Committee came into existence because of the numerous concerns that came to the Board office with regard to the impact on the quality of life of street vending on our neighborhood businesses and residents. Being a long time issue dating back 25 years for now Co-chair, Michele Birnbaum, it made sense to have this committee which is now 6 years old and Co-chaired by Michele and Marco Tamayo. It serves as a voice for the community, follows street vending issues and legislation, but most importantly, strives for solutions to challenges that come from street vending. Resolutions passed, which serve as recommendations to the appropriate elected officials and city agencies, have addressed almost all vending concerns and offered solutions.  If you would like to see our resolutions, contact the Board office. We are a sounding board for the public, and try to be a problem solving committee.

Vendors Committee Members:

Michele Birnbaum and Marco Tamayo, Co-Chairs

Vendors Committee Public Members:

Monica Sanchez

Staff Liaison:

Will Brightbill

Current Agenda

    Archived Agendas, Minutes and Resolutions

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