Board Members

Officers of Community Board 8

Russell Squire

Tricia Shimamura
First Vice Chair

Valerie Mason
Second Vice Chair

Rebecca Dangoor

William Freeland

Anthony Cohn

Board Members

Vanessa Aronson - Technology Committee Co-Chair

Elizabeth Ashby - Zoning and Development Committee Co-Chair

Gayle Baron - Women and Families Committee Co-Chair

Lowell Barton

Michele Jane Birnbaum - Vendor Committee Co-Chair

Lori Ann Bores

Taina Borrero - Rules & By-Laws Committee Co-Chair, Youth, Education, and Libraries Co-Chair

Loraine Brown

Alida Camp - Arts Committee Chair, Congestion Pricing Task Force Co-Chair, Small Business Committee Co-Chair

Barbara Chocky - Budget Committee Chair, Street Fairs Committee Co-Chair, Housing Committee Co-Chair

Saundrea I. Coleman - Social Justice Committee Co-Chair

Brian Correia

Sarah Chu - Social Justice Committee Co-Chair, 

Anthony Cohn - Voting Reform Task Force Co-Chair, Zoning and Development Committee Co-Chair

Rebecca Dangoor - Health, Seniors, and Social Services Committee Co-Chair, Rules & By-Laws Committee Co-Chair, Technology Committee Co-Chair

Felice Farber

William Freeland

Edward Hartzog - Housing Committee Co-Chair

David Paul Helpern - Landmarks Committee Co-Chair

Wilma Johnson - Health, Seniors, and Social Services Committee Co-Chair, Street Fairs Committee Co-Chair 

Takako Kono

Craig M. Lader - Transportation Committee Co-Chair, Congestion Pricing Task Force Co-Chair

Rebecca Lamorte

May Malik

Valerie Mason - Small Business Committee Co-Chair

Gregory Morris - Housing Committee Co-Chair

Dorothea Newman

Jane Parshall - Landmarks Committee Co-Chair

Peter Patch - Veterans Committee Co-Chair, Youth, Education and Libraries Committee Co-Chair

Harrison Pierson-Panes

Sharon Pope-Marshall 

Rita Lee Popper

Margaret Price - Women and Families Committee Co-Chair

Elizabeth Rose

Barbara Rudder - Health, Seniors, and Social Services Committee Co-Chair, Environment & Sanitation Committee Co-Chair

Abraham Salcedo - Street Life Committee Chair

William Sanchez - Communications Committee Chair

Barry Schneider - 197-a Committee Co-Chair, Parks and Waterfront Committee Co-Chair, Veterans Committee Co-Chair

Tricia Shimamura - Parks and Waterfront Committee Co-Chair

Cos Spagnoletti - Environment & Sanitation Committee Co-Chair

Russell Squire 

Lynne Strong-Shinozaki - Roosevelt Island Committee Chair

Marco Antonio Tamayo - Vendor Committee Co-Chair

Carolina Tejo

Adam Wald

Elaine M. Walsh

Charles S. Warren - Rules & By-Laws Committee Co-Chair, Transportation Committee Co-Chair

Sharon Weiner - Voting Reform Task Force Co-Chair, Racial Equity Co-Chair

Jack Zimmerman