Weekly News Roundup – June 17, 2024

NYC subway delays rising, equipment failing as Gov. Hochul nixes congestion pricing - Gothamist

NY MTA Will Shrink Infrastructure Program After Congestion Pricing Pause - Bloomberg

New York City transit advocates, left-leaning pols look to sue over congestion pricing delayPolitico

Congestion Pricing Cash Crunch Could Give MTA an Out on Pact to Make Subway Stations Accessible - The City

Congestion pricing: Mayor Adams says he’s ‘with the governor’ on pause of Manhattan toll plan - AM NY

Congestion Pricing: What happens now to the MTA’s $500 million tolling cameras? - AM NY

Hochul Halts Congestion Pricing as Manhattan Traffic Reaches Record High - NY Focus

Manhattan’s Central Business District Unites To Condemn Hochul’s Congestion Pricing Surrender - Streetsblog

How to plug the MTA’s congestion pricing budget hole? Few options, fewer answers - Gothamist

Outgoing NYC Transit chief warns congestion pricing pause could lead to subway failures - Gothamist

Advocates say congestion pricing pause sticks NYers with $20B of time lost to traffic - Gothamist

Congestion pricing: Feds give final approval, seem to counter Hochul’s economic reasoning for pausing Manhattan tolls - AM NY

1 week, 633,000 applications for Section 8 in NYC. What comes next? - Gothamist

NYC Council weighs curbing broker fees for renting apartments. Brokers say 'no.' - Gothamist

Two Brooklyn Boards Say Yes To Mayor’s Housing Plan (Sort Of…) - Streetsblog

250 East 83rd Street Nears The Finish Line On Manhattan’s Upper East Side - YIMBY

Demolition Underway At 500-502 East 81st Street On Manhattan’s Upper East Side - YIMBY

Construction Progresses On THE 74 At 201 East 74th Street On Manhattan’s Upper East Side - YIMBY

Developer Scores Chunk Of Upper East Side Block For $114.5 Million - Patch

Work To Make UES Subway Station More Accessible Starts This Year: MTA - Patch

Slow government is enabling speedy mopeds in NYC neighborhoods - Gothamist

The bills that passed and failed to pass in the last week of session - City and State

As NYC conducts virtual learning drill, some students find empty classrooms - Chalkbeat

NYC ponders giving Manhattan students admissions boost at some borough high schools, sources say - Chalkbeat

NY is changing high school graduation requirements. Here’s what’s next in the multi-year effort. - Chalkbeat

New York parents, lawmakers call for bill to end early voting in schools - Chalkbeat

What to Know About New Social Media Protections for Children in New York - NY Times

NYC Plans to Expand Public Restrooms. Will it Benefit Homeless New Yorkers? - City Limits

Number of People Living on New York City Streets Hits a Two-Decade High - NY Times

Illegal Weed Shop On Upper East Side Block Shut Down By Sheriff's Office - Patch

Lawsuit aims to stop NYC's mass crackdown on marijuana shops, says it's unconstitutional - Gothamist

Does New York City Really Need These Giant 5G Towers? - NY Times

Hochul’s floated payroll tax hike rejected by lawmakers - Politico

Comptroller Proposes City Charter Reforms to Limit Budget Leeway for Mayor and Council - The City

Black market restaurant reservations may soon be illegal in NYC - Time Out

These digital ID cards just made New York travel way easier - Time Out

NYC braces for 'heat dome' as meteorologists predict historically hot summer - Gothamist

Gov. Hochul’s push to restrict masking on the subway faces legal and public health concerns - Gothamist