Weekly News Roundup – April 3, 2024

MTA gives final approval for congestion pricing in NYC - Gothamist

Why New York’s casino bidding process will continue to face delays - Politico

The Treadwell Completes Construction At 249 East 62nd Street On Manhattan’s Upper East Side - YIMBY

Heastie: ‘There’s an understanding’ on tenant protections in NY budget - City and State

NYC’s Rent Stabilization Law Is Extended To 2027, Defying Landlord Lobby - Our Town

City Hall touts changes to zoning laws, saying they won’t lead to ugly megatowers - NY Post

City Hall Digs In Against Rental Voucher Expansion - City Limits

MTA plans congestion pricing exemptions for thousands of buses, NYC municipal vehicles - Gothamist

Congestion Pricing Not Here Yet but Is It Already Prompting Renters to Look Outside Zone? - Our Town

Congestion pricing lawsuits test limits of New York’s ‘green amendment’ - Politico

MTA pilot program will install security camera display screens on NYC buses - Gothamist

NYPD officials say they will deploy 800 more officers into the subway to stop fare evasion - Gothamist

The Challenge of Making New York’s 472 Subway Stations Safer - NY Times

AI-powered metal detectors coming to NYC subway system in pilot crime-fighting program - AM NY

Neighborhood With Many Deliveries Rejects Rest Stop for the Deliveristas Who Make Them - Streetsblog

Final Cargo Bike Rules are a Win For Safety and Sustainability: Experts - Streetsblog

NYC's Curbside EV Chargers Are Popular — and Often Blocked - Bloomberg

Self-driving cars get greenlight from Mayor Adams for test run on NYC streets - AM NY

Commercial Waste Zone Rollout Too Slow and Unclear: Advocates - Streetsblog

Law reforming NYC's unsafe private trash industry has been 'undermined,' Brooklyn borough president says - Gothamist

As state tests go digital, some NYC educators are apprehensive - Chalkbeat

After-school cuts catch NYC programs by surprise - Chalkbeat

Inside a High-Stakes Fight to Limit Social Media’s Hold on Children - NY Times

Literacy at NYC schools remains low amid Mayor Adams’ focus on reading, internal data shows - Gothamist

Adams rings public safety alarm bells, but says city is not “out of control” - City and State

NYC Council appeals noncitizen voting ruling as Mayor Adams remains mum - Gothamist

Retail theft, migrant crisis: NY budget tests Hochul, Democrats - Politico

Conflicts Board Wants More Names on Policy Influence List - The City

Gov. Hochul, lawmakers to miss NY budget deadline again - Gothamist

Why does NY even bother with a presidential primary now? It has to do with Andrew Yang. - Gothamist

Bus company sued by New York City will halt transporting migrants, for now - Politico

Growing State Safety Net Gives a Boost to Some New Migrants - The City

Prepaid debit cards for NYC migrants face no problems so far, officials say - Gothamist

Link5G Redesign a Possibility, Says Chief Technology Officer - Our Town

Are Glue Traps Too Cruel to Use in the Fight Against Mice and Rats? - NY Times

NYC AI Chatbot Touted by Adams Tells Businesses to Break the Law - The City

Accused Subway Shover Found Little Help in New York’s Chaotic Shelters - NY Times