Weekly News Roundup – February 26, 2024

CB8 Continues Debate Over Residential Rezoning Hopes - Our Town

Over 6,600 sign petition against Lenox Hill Hospital Expansion - AM NY

The ‘BIG’ Deal: Freedom Plaza for East Side featuring plans for hotels, housing and underground casino - AM NY

New York Rent-Control System Left Intact by US Supreme Court - Bloomberg

Looking for an 'affordable' 2-bedroom apartment for a family? The odds are against you.- Gothamist

NYC’s Airbnb Law Has Thinned Out Listings. But Can It Bring Down Rents? - Hell Gate

NYC Council seeks to join lawsuit against Mayor Adams over housing vouchers - Gothamist

REBNY report: New construction applications are down significantly - City and State

Tenant advocates warn against watering down ‘good cause’ law - City and State

NYC: Landlords are keeping fewer stabilized apartments vacant than you think - Gothamist

MTA to install bright, white lights in every NYC subway station - Gothamist

Why OMNY readers at the back of MTA buses are effectively useless right now - Gothamist

Eagle Eyes: Trying to Crack Down on Bus Fare Evasion Which Costs City over $315M/Yr...and Rising - Our Town

Disability advocates say NYC failing to meet settlement agreement on accessible taxis. - AM NY

Spinning wheels: Adams admin misses legal benchmarks for new bus, bike lanes for second year in a row, DOT data shows - AM NY

Congestion Pricing Opponents Are Blocking Disabled Access to Mass Transit, Politicians Charge - Streetsblog

Private bus operator shocked they won’t be exempt from NYC’s congestion toll plan: ‘Part of the solution’ - NY Post

New York Is Failing to Meet Wheelchair-Access Goal for Cabs, Suit Says - NY Times

Bill to Cut Vehicle Miles in New York Would Also Reduce Traffic Deaths, Costs and Pollution - Streetsblog

POWER PLAY: City Moves to Put Thousands More E-Car Chargers on the Sidewalk - Streetsblog

Data Dive: More Delivery Workers are Registering Their Mopeds - Streetsblog

New York City wants to dramatically increase number of intersections with red-light cameras - ABC News

New York Fined Unlicensed Weed Shops More Than $25 Million — and Collected Almost None of That - The City

Hochul’s cannabis conundrum: Stronger action, but greater political risk - Politico

Why Are There Still Illegal Weed Stores All Over the City? - New York Magazine

NYC’s non-citizen voting law ruled unconstitutional on appeal - Politico

NYC Budget Surplus Exceeds Mayor’s Estimate by Nearly $3 Billion - Bloomberg

NY’s congressional map spurs a game of political chicken in Albany - Gothamist

NYC migrant spending further cut to spare other city services, Mayor Adams says - Gothamist

A Thousand Migrants Slept Outside or in Subways, NYC Official Survey Says - The City

Why New York’s Plan to Give Migrants Debit Cards Came Under Fire - NY Times

Most NYC school safety agents are now wearing bulletproof vests. The change is unsettling for some. - Chalkbeat

NYC Department of Education backs changes to state law to allow fully-remote meetings - City and Stat

NYCHA Has 5,000 Empty Apartments After Bureaucratic Bungle, Monitor Finds - The City

Shoplifting Surge Overwhelms NYC’s Small Businesses - The City

The company that owns the NYC Ferry is filing for bankruptcy - Gothamist

End of pandemic aid in NYC put nearly 500K more New Yorkers in poverty: report - Gothamist

Tenant asthma and mental illness rates could help NYC spot bad buildings, study finds - Gothamist

Thieves are stealing millions of dollars of New Yorkers' cash benefits - Gothamist

How the child tax credit expansion could help NYC families - Gothamist

More than 70% of adult literacy programs are at risk of losing city funding - City and State

Lawmakers start community conversation ahead of reparations commission formation - City and State

Online gambling could be the next big legalization fight in Albany - City and State

Drones, Wage Hikes for Lifeguards Will Help Water Safety; 2nd Grade Swim Lessons Still Scrapped - Our Town