Weekly News Roundup – January 8, 2024

UES’s CB8 “Congestion Pricing Task Force” Argues About Incoming Tolls - Our Town

Behind Assemblyman Bores is a Proud Mom and Longtime Community Activist - Our Town

New York City rolls the dice on casino bids in 2024 - Gothamist

When Will New York Solve Its Housing Crisis? Probably Not This Year. - NY Times

Hochul's pro-business stand sets tone in Albany as housing fight begins - Crain’s

Back in the Capitol, lawmakers talk housing - City and State

Landlords late to register 46K rent-stabilized apartments could soon face monthly fines - Gothamist

Yes and No: Bills Targeting Illegal Rent Increases Diverge On Governor’s Desk - City Limits

NY MTA Approves $19 Billion Budget While Fighting Fare Evasion - Bloomberg

MTA defends fare gate pilot program in subway stations despite ‘piggybackers' - NBC NY

Teachers union and Staten Island borough president team up in congestion pricing lawsuit - Gothamist

Street Life: Hearing on Curb Space Will Pit Car Owners Against Bikes and Pedestrians - Our Town

Citi Bike price hikes roll out in NYC starting Thursday - Gothamist

Hochul unveils proposal to eliminate insulin co-pays in New York - City & State

NY could become first state to offer paid leave during pregnancy - Gothamist

Mask mandate back at NYC public hospitals amid winter COVID surge - AM NY

Let the 61-day New York legislative session begin! - City & State 

Farías replaces Powers, in surprising Council leadership shakeup - Politico

NYC sues bus companies carrying migrants to city under Texas busing program - Gothamist

Can NYC make bus companies pay $700 million for transporting migrants? - City and State

As migrant families receive 60 day eviction notices, advocates rally to ditch the policy - City and State

As Literacy Lags, Hochul Proposes Changing How Schools Teach Reading - NY Times

New York parents push for reform of school lockdown drills - Gothamist

New York details preliminary cap-and-invest plan to reduce emissions - Crain’s 

Students say NYC school buildings need a climate change - Gothamist

Can NYC Use Unpaid Tickets to Force Corporate Polluters to Electrify Fleets? - Streetsblog

A Minor Earthquake Hit New York City. How Often Does That Happen? - NY Times

Roosevelt Islanders Taken Aback by Booming Echoes of Earthquake in Queens - Our Town

Frick Leader to Step Down After a 14-Year Run - NY TImes

Labor Gains: Delivery Workers Say New Minimum Wage Lets Them Ride Safely - Streetsblog

Nearly two dozen NYC councilmembers join fight to save mental health clubhouses - Gothamist

Exclusive: Hochul proposed significant changes to the Grieving Families Act before veto - City & State

Tourists enjoy vendor-free Brooklyn Bridge as ban goes into effect - Gothamist

Trash Talk: City Calls Out Butterfield Market For UES Sidewalk Bags - Patch

De Blasio-era police reforms suffer under Adams - City and State

Kathy Hochul wants floating pools in New York - City and State

Why New York Has Faltered in Making Childbirth Safer for Black Mothers - NY Times

Wealthy Donors Pull Back From New York City’s Escalating Problems - NY Times

Hot Dog Vu: Papaya King Sued for Millions, Evicted Again - Patch