Weekly News Roundup – February 13, 2023

February 13th, 2023

Eli Zabar loses battle against Upper East Side homeless shelter next door - Crain's

UES Education Complex Prepares For Renovations, After $3 Million Funding Boost - Our Town

How an Upper East Side construction site became an outdoor art exhibit - AM NY

Student art improves eyesore construction site on Upper East Side - Pix11

Inside New York’s struggling weed real estate experiment - Politico

The Mayor Says He’s Cracking Down on Unlicensed Weed Sales. His Task Force Says Otherwise. - The City

Adams, Bragg announce joint crackdown on unlicensed Manhattan weed sellers - AM NY

Federal court upholds NY rent stabilization laws, setting up possible Supreme Court showdown - Gothamist

MTA spent twice as much on Second Ave subway consultants as it did to tunnel - NY Post

NYC social services commissioner resigns amid rising homelessness, migrant crisis - Gothamist

Council ‘Almost There’ on Permanent Open Restaurants: Speaker Adams - Streetsblog

Developer Wants to Build Lux Condos on E. 78th St, but DEC Says: Clean Up Brownfield Before Building 35 Story Tower - Our Town

Fifteen council members leave the Progressive Caucus - C&S

This 80-Year-Old Bar Is Hoping to Survive by Moving for a Third Time - Eater

Why New York City Is Buying Bus Tickets for Migrants Headed to Canada - NY Times

Deaths among NYC’s homeless population reach record high in 2022 - Gothamist

Young and Restless: City Drop-In Centers Told to Keep Runaway, Homeless Youth Awake at Night - The City

New York regulators want to assess how banks serve minority and women-owned businesses - Spectrum

NYC will have $4.9B budget surplus for 2023, watchdog says - NY Post

New York to drop masking requirements in hospitals, health care facilities - Politico

The most expensive street in America gets the Eric Adams treatment - Politico

Remote Work Is Costing Manhattan More Than $12 Billion a Year - Bloomberg

As Subway Ridership Rebounds, Some Women Are Reluctant to Return - NY Times

Hochul faces an ‘uprising’ over her plan to build new housing in NYC suburbs - Politico

UES Hospital Names New CEO Amid Building Blitz - Patch

Who was Mama Cax and why is she honored in today’s google doodle - Independent

NY lawmakers push to lower DWI limit to .05 - Gothamist

NJ law enforcement is suing to keep records on councilmember’s shooting death from public - Gothamist

Think Cold Plunges Seem Drastic? Try Doing It Every Day. - NYTimes

Bed Bath & Beyond, Soon To Be Gone Uptown & Downtown But Chelsea Dodges Bullet...So Far - Our Town

NY proposed constitutional amendment would ban prison slave labor - City & State

New York City leaders want everyone to compost. They don’t all agree on how to get there. - City & State

Searching for Struggling Readers, One School at a Time - NYTimes

Quake Death Toll Surpasses 23,000 Amid Struggle to Get Aid to Quake’s Victims - NYTimes

Searching for Struggling Readers, One School at a Time - NYTimes

New York State to Drop Requirement That Masks Be Worn in Hospitals - NYTimes

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