Weekly News Roundup – November 4, 2022

November 4th, 2022

‘We’re not ready’: NY, NJ still building for extreme weather 10 years after Hurricane Sandy - Politico

Coastal barriers finally begin to rise around NYC — but can they stop the next Hurricane Sandy? - Gothamist

Eaten alive: NYC pols, tenants rally against ‘zombie apartments’ used to circumvent rent laws - AM NY

Men exonerated in Malcolm X killing to receive $36 million - AP

Illegal moped fatalities shoot up 42% in one year - NY Post

Mayor Adams says NYC beat safety goal with 1,200 ‘fixed’ intersections - NY Post

N.Y. absentee ballot laws upheld in cases before Appellate Division - Times Union

NYC pay transparency law to go into effect on Nov. 1, most businesses must provide salary ranges - NY Daily News

NYC companies quickly find ways around new pay transparency legislation - Gothamist

NYC warns that active city workers could have to pay for health insurance if Medicare Advantage push fails - NY Daily News

Extra subway cops lead to nearly double number of arrests, MTA CEO Janno Lieber says - NY Post

Car-Share Program Expanding To UES, Gobbling Up 16 Parking Spaces - Patch

N.Y.C. Buildings Chief Resigns as Prosecutors Examine Gambling Ties - NY Times

Meet the New Buildings Commissioner Replacing Eric Ulrich  - City Limits

Traffic deaths in NYC still 14% higher than pre-pandemic levels, latest data shows - Gothamist

Adams administration pledges to pay childcare centers after funding delays - Gothamist

'Unacceptable': Lawmakers pursue reforms around restraint and seclusion in schools - Times Union

City Council moves to diversify majority white male Fire Department by passing several bills - Politics NY

In Near-Daily Protests, Tenants Demand a Stop to Rent-Stabilized Apartment Vacancies - The City

NYC Council raises alarm over ‘loophole’ in Mayor Adams’ plan for enforcing new building emissions law - Daily News

Dozens Of Rat-Fighting Trash Cans Arrive On East Side, Menin Says - Patch

Upper East Side Evictions Keep Climbing, With 27 Since August: Data - Patch

NYC migrant crisis highlights long-standing homeless shelter issues - Patch

NYC rolls out traffic safety initiative for darker fall, winter months - Gothamist

How Safe Is the Subway? What Those Who Work There Have to Say. - NYTimes

‘Bathroom bill’ passes in City Council - NY1

Could tech workers do Peace Corps-like stints working for New York City too? - City & State

New York City opens new emergency center for asylum-seekers in a Midtown hotel - City & State

Penn Station Development in Disarray - Our Town

New Yorkers are 'not immune' to voting rights being trampled, says civil rights advocate - Gothamist

Mayor Adams declares water at Riis Houses is now safe, drinks water - Gothamist

'The little guys win': West Village residents rejoice after defeating decades-old sidewalk scaffolding - Gothamist

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