Weekly News Roundup – September 2, 2022

September 2nd, 2022

New York schools see a big disconnect between spending and test scores. Why? - Chalkbeat

No, NY won’t be taxing the forgiven debt on your federal student loans - Gothamist

Schumer tells lenders to prepare for 'millions' of questions about student loan forgiveness - Gothamist

At M.T.A.’s First Congestion Pricing Hearing, Critics Abound - NY Times

New York City Sets a High Bar for Lifeguards. That Could Be a Problem. - NY Times

New Yorkers with pot convictions will now be the first to get to sell it - Politico

Dozens of NY lawmakers want Mastercard, American Express to flag suspicious gun store purchases - Gothamist

These are the new NY gun laws taking effect this week - Gothamist

Penn Station Plan Makes a High-Stakes Bet on the Future of Office Work - NY Times

Commuter Tunnel Under the Hudson Won’t Be Finished Until 2035 - NY Times

Can camera enforcement speed up New York's sluggish buses? - Politico

How New York is entering the next COVID-19 pandemic phase - Spectrum

Covid vaccine drive for youngest kids off to underwhelming start, data shows - Politico

As N.Y.C. Trash Problem Mounts, Garbage Will Be Picked Up on Labor Day - NY Times

Gopuff hires guards to rein in delivery workers after neighbor complaints - NY Post

Pigeons flock to UES as cab driver dumps birdseed on sidewalks - Pix11

New York City’s real estate subsidy program is dead. What should a revived version look like? - City & State

Keeping New Yorkers and Their Pets Together in Tough Times - The City

A push to cap NYC broker fees gets new life as rents — and commissions — skyrocket - Gothamist

Pain, Fear, Stigma: What People Who Survived Monkeypox Want You to Know - NY Times

Second Doses of Monkeypox Vaccine Are Now Available in New York - NY Times

NYC Looks to Tackle Extreme Heat via City Streets and Urban Forests - City Limits

The 4 Ballot Questions Up for a Vote in New York in November - The City

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