Weekly News Roundup – August 7, 2020

NYC Health Commissioner Barbot Resigns, Claims De Blasio Sidelined Her Department During Pandemic - Gothamist

After months of being sidelined by de Blasio, NYC's top doctor calls it quits - Politico

Janette Sadik-Khan: Why The Pandemic Represents A Historic Opportunity For NYC Streets - Gothamist

NYC's outdoor dining program will return next year - Politico

ULURP clock to restart September 14 - Real Estate Weekly

The Uncertainties Facing New York City’s Young Essential Workers - New Yorker

NYC students who refuse to wear masks in school will be sent home, Carranza says - Chalkbeat

DOE Unveils Details Of Blended Learning For NYC Schools - Gothamist

Families at Large, Prestigious New York City High Schools Want Them to Stay Fully Remote - WSJ

Can N.Y.C. Reopen Schools? The Whole Country Is Watching - NY Times

NYC will have a coronavirus tracing team just for schools, but resistance mounts against reopening - Chalkbeat

Isaias in New York City halts trains, downs trees, kills 1 - AP

NYC subway and railroad tracks battered by downed trees and debris from Tropical Storm Isaias - Daily News

After 6 Weeks, Victors Are Declared in 2 N.Y. Congressional Primaries - NY Times

Black-Owned Businesses Nearly Twice as Likely to Close For Good Amid Pandemic: NY Fed - NBC NY

Two-Wheel Traffic Up on Bridges, But Cash-Strapped City Can’t Expand Crowded Bike Lanes - The City

New York City will set up checkpoints to enforce quarantine for travelers - Politico

Met Shrinks Staff Again, Totaling 20 Percent Cut - NY Times

Mayor Says NYPD is Retreating From Stolen Streets — Public Sees Little Evidence - Streetsblog

They Were Arrested During the Protests. Here’s What Happened Next. - NY Times

Lightning Strike Causes Massive Power Outage in Northern Manhattan, Queens - NBC NY

A New Yorker’s Guide to Renegotiating Rent - Curbed

After Isaias, When Will Power Be Back? - NYTimes

What We Know and Don’t Know About the Beirut Explosions - NYTimes

De Blasio splits with Cuomo on taxing the rich and luring them back to NYC - Politico

Senators look to head home as coronavirus talks stall - Politico

Could My Symptoms Be COVID-19 - NYTimes

If COVID is Found in Schools, New York State’s Teachers Unions Demand 2-week Closures - Spectrum

Police unions sue over chokehold law - Politico

Household Debt Dropped as Americans Cut Spending - NYTimes

Why New York City's Finances Could Spell Trouble for All of New York - Spectrum

Interest Rates Are Low, but Loans Are Harder to Get. Here’s Why. - NYTimes

Risk Too High for Gyms to Open as New York's Rate Stays Low, Cuomo Says - Spectrum

New York AG sues to dissolve the NRA, alleging widespread fraud - Politico

Beckford House & Tower Chooses Class Over Glass for the Upper East Side - Variety

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