Weekly News Roundup – December 6, 2019

December 6th, 2019

New York Evictions Are Plunging Under New Rent Control Law - The Wall Street Journal

"The decline was steepest for the most common type of cases, those brought by landlords against tenants who fell behind on rent payments, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of court data. [...] New eviction cases against city tenants for nonpayment of rent are down by more than 35,000 since the law was signed on June 14, compared with the same period in 2018, a drop of 46%, according to The Wall Street Journal’s analysis."

Column: How the scourge of scaffolding is ruining New York City - New York Post

Gov. Cuomo signs off on stronger tenant protection against landlord harassment - Daily News

E-bikes to replace delivery trucks under NYC pilot program - NY Post

Newark sues NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio over sending homeless families to New Jersey - NJ.com

"One family which relocated to Newark described being pressured to leave a New York homeless shelter, given only 10 minutes to inspect an apartment and signing the lease online, court records show. A mother of three said she wanted to stay in New York City but was told the vouchers weren’t large enough to cover rent..."

De Blasio defends homeless relocation program, blasts Newark over suit - New York Post

"[Mayor Bill de Blasio] also blamed Newark for the substandard housing that SOTA families were placed in. 'If the building is in your jurisdiction, you have a responsibility for the health and safety of the building,' de Blasio said. 'Again, ‘Physician, heal thyself.'”

NYPD Cops Buy Headstone for Officer Killed a Century Ago - Officer.com

"[...] in 2016, a crime prevention officer in the 19th precinct started a project to update and renovate the station’s memorial wall {...] When the wall was re-dedicated, the officer, Anthony Nucchio, met Maureen O’Grady, the granddaughter of Officer Flood, who piqued his interest in the century-old case. 'we had to do something. Over 100 years had gone by and he’s been laying there with his family in an unmarked grave. It didn’t seem right,' [officer]  Nucchio told The News. 'It was a no brainer.'"

UES Burglar Uses Fire Escapes For Break-Ins, Police Say - Patch

"The NYPD's 19th Precinct, which patrols the entire Upper East Side, warned residents this week to keep their windows and roof doors locked following the recent spree of break-ins. The burglaries are concentrated in the East 80s and 90s between Lexington and First avenues, police said."

A New Pattern of Crime - Our Town

"An attack on an Upper West Side resident spotlights robberies by groups of young teens that have become an issue throughout Manhattan. "

Manhattan Bird Expert 'Troubled' By Mandarin Duck Disappearance, Won't Rule Out Fowl Play - Gothamist

New York City’s Trash Cans of Tomorrow - Bloomberg

City Awards $19 Million in Census Funds to Community Outreach Organizations - Gotham Gazette

A Busway for 125th Street - Our Town

Why hasn’t Cuomo approved the e-bikes bill? - City & State

UES Towers Being Built On Second Avenue Launch Condo Sales - Patch

The NYC Subway Map as You've Never Seen It Before - NYTimes

State Money Still Coming Up Short for High-Need Local School Districts - NY1

Park It, Trucks: Here Come New York’s Cargo Bikes - NYTimes

Inside Grand Central Terminal's Massive Lost and Found Operation - NY1

Dazzling Map Shows NYC's Incredible Linguistic Diversity - Gothamist

Home of New York Philharmonic to Get $550 Million Makeover - NY1

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