September 27, 2019 – Weekly News Roundup

September 27th, 2019

Ronald McDonald House hosts annual block party - NY1

Tender Buttons Closes After 50 Years On UES, Report Says - Patch

Be Prepared: Find the ER You Want to Go to Before an Emergency Happens - ProPublica

North End Of Central Park Getting $110M Makeover With New Pool & Rink - Gothamist

Verizon Executive Education Center And Graduate Hotel Nears Completion On Roosevelt Island - YIMBY

How Homeless Shelters Affect Property Values - NY Times

"Your home would most likely sell for less if you live within about two blocks of a shelter, when another shelter is a few more blocks away. The city’s Independent Budget Office looked at sales in Manhattan and estimated that in such a situation, a homeowner would get about 24 to 25 percent less for a house or a condominium than for a residence farther from a shelter with no other shelters nearby.That’s the difference between getting $1 million, or getting $750,000."

Trump Impeachment Inquiry Opens as Call Transcript is Released - NY Times

Push Launched to Get Voters to Choose Ranked-Choice Voting - Gotham Gazette

"The new system would allow voters in primary and special elections -- but not general elections -- to rank up to five candidates on the ballot rather than choosing just one, which advocates say will force candidates to reach a larger base, eliminate so-called “spoiler” candidates, ensure winners have a broad mandate, and save the city millions in costly runoff elections."

Tenant housing court history could become a protected class under city bill - AM NY

"'We can't have a legal system where somebody can go to housing court, be vindicated and even win against a bad landlord, and then repeatedly be denied a place,' Kallos said. 'Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are named in housing court cases every year, and they're reported on these blacklists.'"


New bill would require deliveries at night to reduce traffic congestion - NY Post

"The legislation passed by the transportation committee, which will go before the full Council Wednesday, would mandate the city to create a plan for deliveries in Manhattan below 60th Street and in two other yet-to-be-determined 'highly congested areas' to take place between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. 'where feasible.'"

Echoes of the Past, Whispers of the Future - Our Town

Stolen ancient gold coffin, once on display at the Met, being returned to Egypt - Daily News

MTA board approves historic $51.5 billion Capital Plan in New York City - ABC7


Council Members: DOT Has ‘No Reason’ to Not Give Queensboro Bridge Lane to Pedestrians - Streetsblog

Cuomo Scraps Plan to Charge new yorkers for New License Plates - NY Post

As New York Rethinks High School Graduation Requirements, Under-the-Radar School Group May Offer a Model - Gotham Gazette

"Rather than earning a score of 65 percent or better on the five Regents exams in order to graduate high school, students at Consortium schools complete written tasks and oral presentations called Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBAT) against a set of rubrics, and must also pass the English Regents exam."

Community colleges drag down SUNY enrollment - Politico

Vacant Retail Space Has Doubled in the Last Decade - NY Post

These are the children of 9/11 heroes who graduated from the Fire Academy - NY Post

LIRR gets a Billion More in Funding than Metro-North - WSJ

How the Port Authority is Rebuilding New York - City and State

Many NYPD Officers Fear Seeking Mental Health Help - Politico

We Will Make Them Hear Us - Our Town

The Technology That's Remaking Construction - City and State

New York Shows Growth in the Clean Energy Industry - City and State

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